Chapter 35

Footch Kapoot — March, 1976–August, 1978

Shortly after being back home, I had the itch to start up a music group again and so I did. This newly formed jazz/rock band “Footch Kapoot” (a German phrase meaning broken down but repairable) recorded an album and was growing steadily in popularity. I had several jobs and girlfriends during this period but alcoholism was slowly killing me. By July of 1978, the group seemed to be confined to the greater Milwaukee area. I lost interest in just getting nowhere.

Footch Kapoot "Good Clean Fun" – Summer, 1977

Footch Kapoot “Good Clean Fun” – Summer, 1977

Footch Kapoot, I'm on the left – 1978

Footch Kapoot, I’m on the left – 1978

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